ZAYN MALIK APPRECIATION WEEK. Day 7: Anything you want
"Zayn Malik is probably the quietest of the bunch when it comes to chatting to the audience – not that he’s quiet, just that the others talk a lot. However, he without a doubt has the best singing voice of the bunch. His vocal skills are on another level. Zayn can sing. And he’s just so cool. His tattoos are cool. His style is cool. You always want to look at Zayn to see what he’s doing. But that voice. Unbelievable". — Julia Foskey.

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"They have donuts"

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i hope people who get to look at zayn everyday know how fucking lucky they are

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friends meme: 3/3 characters · monica geller

"When we have a baby, there’s gonna be so much we’re not able to control. The apartment’s gonna be a mess. I won’t have time to clean it. What if the baby gets into the ribbon drawer and messes up all the ribbons? What if there’s no room for a ribbon drawer because the baby’s stuff takes up all the space? WHERE WILL ALL THE RIBBONS GO?"

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joking about zayn’s mic being too high x

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